sexta-feira, 9 de maio de 2014


Cupcake party!
A Cupcake Party set for only $5!
This is a complete Cupcake set for your party!
So easy! You will get the files, print them, cut out, fold some parts, glue others and there is your party! You can print out the items as many times as you want but you can not re-sell the items or the files.
This set includes:
  • cupcake toppers (two sizes)
  • cupcake stands (two sizes)
  • cupcake wrappers
  • napkin rings and bottle wrappers
  • table cloth
  • hats and cones
  • straw flags
  • bunting flags (three sizes)
  • invitations
  • thank you cards
  • opened boxes - for candy and table decor
  • closed boxes - favor boxes
  • little house boxes - favor and decor
  • popcorn boxes
  • little houses decoration

Have fun and call the kids!

Oh, one last thing! Please, take a look at the extra option! You can request a short text to be added to some items! How cool is that?

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